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National Healthcare Estates & Facilities Day

Wednesday 19th June 2024

About The Day

In October 2021 the professional associations representing the majority of estates and facilities across UK healthcare jointly created a National day to celebrate the essential work of all estates and facilities professions.

We wanted to celebrate the achievements of the thousands of staff working in these service professions and recognise the critical importance of E&F services in the delivery of care to our patients.

The first National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Day took place on 15th June 2022.
The response surpassed our expectations, with over 500 registrations to support the day, covering an amazing 251,000 E&F colleagues across the UK.

E&F Teams were celebrated in a multitude of ways which was fantastic to see.
Coverage across regional and national media really brought the amazing work of our Estates & Facilities colleagues into the spotlight.

The National Healthcare EFM Day now takes place on the third Wednesday of June every year - so our next day of celebration will be 19th June 2024. Register now for your free supporters kit and join us in celebrating our amazing estates & facilities colleagues this National Healthcare EFM Day on 19th June.

Sharing on social media...

Social media was a popular tool to share the love far and wide.

So many cakes!

Last year many of you had some amazing cakes baked to share with your teams.

Recognising your star team members

Awards were presented to some very happy E&F team members.